No such thing as a mistake.

It’s been a while since my last post. Dreaded life got in the way as per usual but during this unexpected absence has conjured up some more “life” experience wisdom which can be used in any aspect of life.

I moved jobs in the city, not an easy task at times when you work full time. I felt my old position was a waste of time yet I realised that a mistake or error is only what we make it to be. My previous job clouded my logical thinking, is this the end for me? Stuck in a 8-5 job where I face the same commute every day, same people on the journey whilst my brain is on auto-pilot throughout the whole process.

There is a right and wrong answer when it comes to facts but with life, who defies right and wrong decisions? God? Science? No, it is you and only you. That’s when it hit me, there is no such thing is a mistake when it comes to life decisions, its our brain approaching the issue through negativity.

Every decision you make, rather its from being with a partner to a career move is an experience that moulds and shapes us to the unique person we are today. Take everything you learn from an experience and realise that a “mistake” is only what you make it to be. Ok, we have all done things we regret or made poor decisions but at that moment of time it felt right and natural.

Learn from those experiences and don’t let that previous time go to waste. Think about the positives which come from that experience, it may be hard to establish at first but nothing is easy in life! That bad job you had…remember how much you learnt about yourself, you in the working environment and the skills you can transfer over. Previous partner was horrible…you’ll be able to appreciate your next partner a lot more as well as understand what type of person clicks with you.

If we never experience situations where we are not happy, how would we be able to appreciate the things that do make us happy to a greater extent?

Mistakes are only categorised by you in life, don’t let that time be a waste.

Until next time.


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