Why are men still not looking after their skin?

Skin care is something I used to take for granted in my early teen years due to my ignorance but the benefits for men is not really highlighted as of much compared to the female market.

The beauty industry within the female industry is huge however the men sector is expected to grow within the years to come. It is estimated that 75% of men (in the US) are not using any skin care at the current moment in time. (Beauty industry analysis 2017)

So why is this still the case?

Remember that we are only just still within the 21st century and our society is forever changing and adapting which is becoming more culturally diverse and equality being the main significance. The changes from 2000 to 2017 are quite noticeable and this is only within a 17 years.

The evolution of the man has gone from a rough, gritty look to a groomed/baby face look. Even though looks and style has changed, moisturising for guys is still not a common norm. In one of my old gyms, I used to moisturise after a session (NONE of my sessions were easy so I used to sweat a lot!) and I would get some odd looks whilst I ‘pampered’ myself up. Ironic that in a place of health and fitness, looking after your skin would result in some very curious looks, especially from men in their older years.

Majority of men stereotypically think skin care will just reduce wrinkles and tend not to see any of the other benefits. This can be due to the marketing of the brands on the market today and re-educating the male population of the real benefits of skin care. You tend not to see that many advertisement on tv or Instagram ranting and raving about male products compared to the female market. Remember that statistically an estimated of 75% of men (US) do not use skin care and quite oddly, 82% of women in the US believe that social media determines trends and brand.

The benefits
– Improves skin texture
– Reduces dry skin
– Boost self-confidence
– Can improve health
– Reduce any sun damage caused

Skin care can also work in correspondence of your lifestyle as showering too much can cause skin damage. Bringing in skin care can balance out any lifestyle choices such as your choice of soap, the weather and any other factors which can possibly affect your skin.

When it comes to choosing a product, getting samples would be highly advisable which can be east to obtain through product websites or trying the product in the store. Going with what you think works, comfortable and affordability are factors which you should take into consideration. I try out different brands after I’ve finished with my previous one to test out what is on the market as well.

My regime consists of moisturising my beard, eyebrows and the rest of the face with moisturiser then followed by beard oil on my beard and just under my chin. It’s a shame that I personally wasted a few years not looking after my skin however I am quite fortunate that no major damage is showing as of yet (fingers crossed). Getting into a regime will show results through consistency.

Give it a try guys, no harm if you test it out for a month. I garuntee you that you’ll be glad that you did!

Until next time.


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