Instagram: Building what you want those to see

I only started Instagram nearly 2 years ago which I still feel is quite recent if I’m honest. At first I was cautious as I always associated Instagram with people getting excited about their food and taking images showing off to the world.

Boy was I wrong, 2 years later and I love the app but I’ve noticed one thing, Instagram is just not what you’re doing in your life…it’s a image of what you want to portray in this world.

Combining your hobbies and interests with a social media platform and you pretty much have the main foundation. I tend to think Instagram is more of an expression of who you are and your personality. The platform it self is adapting to competitors i.e having a story function and is always innovating which users tend to love. The app also connects us such as people who are going through a weight loss journey or people who love watches. This brings up a question though, is Instagram becoming a form of self marketing?

I wrote about poker in one of my past blogs and I mentioned about a poker face/bluffing. Take every image with a pinch of salt because no matter what that person posts about, no matter how great it is, we don’t know what is really happening behind the scenes. People see that I work in London and automatically think its a great place to be whilst they do not see the hard times which occur in the city.

Yet Instagram is actually addictive. It makes people happy and it connects people as well. I even heard of Instagram dating which consists of you and the following recipient following each other, liking a few photos of each other which would normally lead into a conversation and potentially a date…watch out Tinder!

I Openly admit that the use of my Instagram account is more of a brand image of my personality which consists of passion towards business, fashion, watches and significant moments in my life. I’ve found brands via Instagram so start up companies really do have a significant hand of play when it comes to marketing as well as using those with many followers to their advantage.

Until next time.


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