Poker face: Why you should play

We’ve all seen on TV & the big screen that a popular card game to play is poker but why should you play?

Poker is not just any normal card game where luck determines the majority of play. We all know about a ‘poker face’ but there is a lot more when it comes to the game itself. So lets start with the rationale in question to this post.
Tournaments tend to be the common format when you are with friends, playing with real money to represent the chips brings a different approach to the game as a financial reward brings a more realistic approach from each player. Strategy is a key in the game and depends on factors such as the players around you, your hand, current situation and the next few rounds approaching. Poker is a classy and sophisticated game of minds and wit which is why every gentleman should know how to play.

When it comes to a poker face, this results in not giving your strategy and approach away. Some of the games I play in will result in aggressive play to bully other players or a more calmer approach and slowly build chips to throw the other players off my scent. Games can last for a few hours depending on play and speed of blinds but this gives you a good amount of time to manipulate and get a feel for the game as well as your opponents. Some players will not have a good poker face and will be easy to read and manipulate, these are the ones where you want to build a significant chip bank off but always approach with a sense of caution.

Being able to play poker gives you a good excuse to own a poker set and potentially buy a table which always are a great addition to any gentleman room. Customisation is the next level but its presence adds that sense of class regardless. For your pleasure, please see the image below.

Poker room(

Just be cautious they can be quite room consuming but I’m sure you can argue your case with your other half regarding the importance of the table.

The financial rewards can be great too when it comes to poker as well, this can be online or tournaments at casinos or your local drinking establishment. It’s a great social environment as well where competitiveness is at a high but not like your typical sporting environments. Luck can come into the game on a small percentage but that’s the beauty of the game, especially when players go all in which is probably one of the worst experiences you can go through or the best! On the contrary, keeping a strong poke face can reduce the luck probability if you can play your cards right and make your opponent fold to stop any damage occurring before its too late.

Learning the game only takes a few games which you can do through apps which do not require you to play with actual money. They tend to give you hints when you have a hand of value and you can learn on the go, that’s how I learnt when one of my friends introduced it to me and he learnt through that what himself too. When you come to grips with the basics, that is when you can start expanding your knowledge of the game and learn how to outplay, bluff and strategically approach each situation.

What are you waiting for?

Until next time.


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