No to lazy days!

Everyone loves a day where they lounge around doing absolutely nothing yet however this does not appeal to me!

But why? First of all, do not confuse relaxing and lazy. I agree that we all need to relax but not doing anything productive is wasting precious time which we all take for granted in our youth.

The human body is not designed to be in an idle state other than sleep so why encourage this? Time and productivity go hand in hand. Some people find comfort in spending all day in bed or binging in unhealthy habits such as eating a substantial amount of junk food. Sure have a lay in when its your day off work but be disciplined with yourself.

I’m quite a time conscious guy who hates wasting a day of doing absolutely nothing. Ok if I am very ill or if a storm outside then I can sympathise but the world is a dynamic society where seizing the day can lead to results. There are plenty of cost effective things to do in the world and every opportunity can create more. One reason why I left the countryside for the city is due to the lack of energy. I know many people who will happily lounge around all day in pyjamas and do absolutely nothing which they may find comfort in but look at it from an outside perspective…it’s not very interesting is it?

I used to train 4-5 times a week before I came to the city, even on my off days from work. It can feel like a chore at times but its being productive and making progress rather than doing nothing. I’m very big against lounge wear as well, I need to dress for success regardless when I’m at home as keeping a good appearance is something which does not encourage laziness.

Being proactive is how you get what you want and what you aim for in life. As mentioned, relax at all means but know the balance between relaxing and being lazy. Knowing the balance will help you be more positive in yourself and bring positivity to those around you.

Until next time.


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