5 things needed if you work in a big city in the 21st Century

Working in the city is completely a different environment as you can expect but what are the essentials you need to keep stashed in your desk draw or on you to get through from Monday to Friday?

5. Spare phone cable/powerbank

A day in the city tends to be quite long and the commute can be tedious so what do you do? Turn to your trusty phone or mobile device to get through the journey and to make lunch time a little bit more enjoyable. Keeping a spare charging cable at work is necessary and a power bank really does come in handy! Be sure to shop around for power banks as places of travel i.e train stations will charge extortionate prices.


4. Fragrance spray

The smells associated with the city tend not to be pleasant so keeping some spray with you is a good idea especially if you work with clients! I always bring lunch in a bag so bringing a small wash bag of goodies to keep you fresh throughout the day is how I combat the smells of the city and work!


3. Travel Cup

Coffee and tea is the backbone in any working environment, we all have a coffee addict at work (I’m that guy) so keeping a travel cup at work is handy as some places offer incentives to use your own cup. An example is Starbucks give you a 25p discount off your drink, better than nothing right? Quite a few major coffee shops are jumping in on this train so make sure you don’t miss out.
(Source: Daily Mail)


2. Spare hair products/brush

The unexpected weather of the UK is truly baffling, even for us Brits! Lessons from my first experience consisted of my hair giving into the working environment and the weather. Making sure I look reasonably presentable is comfortable (mentally) and keeps me determined to take on the world. On that note, keeping a spare comb/brush and hair products which work for you are high up on the list.

american-crew-pomade (8 best hairstyling products for men)

1. Work diary

This may seem a bit over the top but a work diary comes first on this list. It allows you to combine work and personal life together, an example is scheduling your certain gym workout that evening, making those important calls and doing needed chores like dropping clothes off for dry cleaning. Time management is crucial and I’ve worked with people with a lack of time management who end up spending a silly amount of time in the office doing over time. You can have an electronic diary however paper does not run out of battery.


Until next time.


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