Alterations are a necessary!

Sat in a coffee shop enjoying a mocha whilst quietly people watching with the sun in full force. I’m in London Bridge so quite a suit heavy environment and I can not help but find myself distracted by some of the suits these gentleman are wearing however not for the right reasons.

Lets start at the beginning, you buy a suit and you should feel that sense of invincibility in this wonderful piece of formal armour but wait, you may see yourself as invcibile but there are chinks in the armour! Some buy the piece with no alterations, sure save your money but this is suit is your pride, sophistication and class.

So back to present time, I’m sat in this coffee shop and notice a gentleman wearing suit trousers which are a bit too long at the back which is overlappping on to the back of the shoe which is very vulnerable to the ground. There’s a sense of nervousness in me, imagine the life expectancy of these suit trousers and London is not a clean city may I add. I try and refocus my appreciation to his blazer but the suit trousers get even worse with the amount of excess material hanging from the back of his calf like a sail on a boat. This may be no issue for anyone else however a keen eye would notice this monstrosity.

I’m no saint when it comes to this, I have contributed to this as well. £89 for a DKNY suit in charcoal grey online which was an absolute bargain. I grabbed my tape measure to do my chest and trouser leg which resulted in 30/30 length/waist and 38 chest. They had the suit in my size, fantastic, I proceeded to buy the suit and I waited eagerly for my arrival. My arrogance of assuming I looked good got the better of me, I look back at pictures now and cringe uncontrably. The jacket was too tight on the shoulders and chest which could not be altereded, a bit long in length on the sleeves and the trousers from the knees down were not as trim. We have all see celebrities in these nice fitted suits but tailored made can be a bit pricey as you can imagine. The solution was simple…alterations!

Ever since this school boy error, I have always gone into a shop to purchase a suit. The feel, natural light on the suit and how it fits are important factors however the assistant helping you is that second opinion which is vitally needed. They know how a suit should fit and feel so their knowledge is unquestionable in that sense. Back to alterations, majority of places will pin where the alterations which are required. I get the trousers taken up, taken in and the length of the sleeves on the blazer taken up too, which normally results in an extra £50 depending on charges. I do tend to get the back taken in too depending on the fit.

The drawback is the delay in time however some tailors can put your suit as top priority with some financial persuading so be wary of how much time you have. Suits tend to be ready within a few working days so do not leave it until the end of the week if you have an event on the weekend.

Make sure your suit fits well so you can wear it with confidence. Purchasing a suit is different than just an odd top from a shop so this is a different experience altogether.

Until next time.



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