Fragrances are more than just a bottle

Picking the right fragrance is important, remember smell is an important part of our social interaction and perception. Smells can be linked to memories and experiences however should you rebuy the same fragrance?

Personally, I will never buy the same fragrance again as I like to keep my collection unique and unpredictable in that sense. Re-going back to a spray after you’ve finished with the bottle is the equivalent of rebuying the same top you already have, nothing new. so what’s the point? As time progresses every aspect in life develops and moves forward so why shouldn’t your fragrances?

Fragrances should be linked to occasions, seasons and what the smell personally represents for you. If it’s a sunny day where I have time off from work, I would wear something more fruity whilst working would be more of a strong masculine smell. Building a collection is a smart move for any gentleman, this should consist of a mix of different brands and a variation of smells.

Go easy with the amount of fragrance you apply though as this should be limited to pulse points. To add a final touch, spraying in front of you and walking through with your head first is another technique too. Too much fragrance can take away the focus of the smell therefore affecting the impact it has therefore use with moderate consideration when applying.

Some brands may not be in your typical high street shop so taking time and investing in one of these brands is always worth while if feasible. This should be the special occasion spray for events such as work conferences or weddings. This experience when purchasing them should be memorable, especially if you are paying a bit more over the average price. To give you a perspective, my spray in my current collection which is for special occasions is ‘Pulp by Byredo’ which I purchased from Selfridges in London after my first month of living in the city as a reward for my achievement.

If you have any recommendations on what your best spray is, please do feel free to share with us.

Until next time


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