To pay or not to pay: Should a man pay on a first date?

A gentleman always pays for the date…stereotypically yes however this conservative view has been challenged on many occasions in the world we live in today.

Classic scenario of a first date; results in a nice meal, lovely atmosphere and a second date pending surely but wait, the bill comes and who takes care of it? Parents would tend to say the man and films will portray this but should this be the case? In this newly forged 21st Century, women have a more vital role and voice as well as a sense of independence but still this current stigma is the norm.

Firstly, why would a man pay? A kind gesture? An attempt to get lucky? The bread winner? Unfortunately some of those may be true in that case but this stigma is slowly being erased believe it or not from both sides which is a sigh of relief but the question remains, who should pay?

The position of women today thrive on equality and strength so why should the man have to pay due to an old fashioned view based on the physical attributes between a man and a woman which is even seen animals.
Offering to pay is a kind gesture and should be instigated by the man however if this is unchallenged than this can be deemed as being taken advantage off if this is consistent. We’ve all known one guy who pulls more weight when it comes to the financial aspects of the relationship. This does not make any man strong, in fact it portrays weakness to his other male counterparts due to his inability to say no or to realise that he is being taken advantage off. Obviously this needs justification before being assumed as his partner may not be financially stable, studying or any other reasons but every gentleman wants a queen and queens do not demand the world, they challenge and rule it!

When it comes to paying the bill, stay classy and offer politely. If she resists your payment than come to a mutual conclusion. You can still offer to pay the full amount but ensure that this is accepted as this could be deemed an insult without permission. If you are met with no resistance than be cautious if any further dates are to elaborate and follow the same pattern as this could be a sign of the future. There is no harm in being direct if this continues as this approach can bring those necessary answers before making a decision. The rationale could be nerves, embarrassed to let you know they do not have a lot of money or any other factors.

Remember, behind every successful man is a strong woman.

Until next time.



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