Goodbye Conventional Wallets

A man’s wallet is just a simple piece of leather. Not much else you can really do apart from different patterns or is there?

The conventional wallet is being challenged by new designs which add that little bit of spice which makes them desirable instead of your standard black leather wallet as well as eye catching. Ladies have a range of purses in different sizes, shapes and colour so why limit us guys when it comes to our trusty wallets? Ok, size needs to be limited as majority of us do not carry bags but still that is not my point. You should want to actually feel pride taking it out of your pocket (for once) when you need to pay!

So where am I going with this? Well this is your standard, average wallet below:


The texture is different but the wallet is the same in regards to all other wallets.

Two wallets in my collection are different than the conventional format. The first one is the same shape but is zipped where a normal wallet would open up. Not that many guys will have a wallet with a main zip and other brands (as well as Tommy Hilfiger) have adapted to this
such as Fred Perry. The image below is an example of what Fred Perry are currently selling which is a Piqued styled wallet with a zip from the top to the bottom of the wallet.

(  GB shop)

The other wallet in  my collection is a longer, thin pebbled leather wallet from Michael Kors (image in the title) which is great when going out or accompanied with a jacket with a long pocket slot. Beats the conventional style of your classic wallet and it has a hint of class when present. I’m quite certain more un-conventional signs will begin to creep up other the next few years but having more than one wallet is always a bonus.

We have all seen that one person with a wallet which is barely beyond recognition due to being overstretched and crammed with useless bits inside, technically a wallet hoarder in that sense. Give your wallet a break! If your work requires you to wear a suit, you simply add another one to your collection etc etc so why would you not do the same to your wallet? It’s a hassle transferring all your necessary cards from one to the other but wouldn’t you rather do that than cause damage to your existing wallet? Some designer wallets are not cheap so try and not get into a bad habit by mistreating yours, try and include a monthly clear out as well such as any unnecessary paper work or that loose spare change.

Different wallets can relate to different occasions as well. Lighter wallets can reflect the season such as Summer whilst others can be special occasions, work or day to day basis. You tend to pay a good amount of money so don’t mistreat your wallet or you might as well just burn your own money and we both know that is not a smart move!

Until next time.


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