Cufflinks are back

Cufflinks tend to be fun, whacky and quite novelty. Some people tend to wear them during formal occasions such as weddings but what about for the working man?

The workingman in a nicely ironed shirt and 2 piece (3 if you’re going adventurous) suit will tend to be quite cautious of their outfit so why cufflinks for the working man?
Cufflinks add that final attention to detail and they are a statement. There is no harm in making a worthy investment in some cufflinks, just make sure you will make your monies worth though of course. Cufflinks need to match your style of suit, shirt & tie on the day too, remember they are one of the final touches to the outfit so be very wary before your selection.

Recommend avoiding the whacky cufflinks, however this does depend on the place of work or the occasion. If you were going to a job interview, I don’t think “21 again” cufflinks will go down well. So where do you find good cufflinks?
It totally depends on your budget and what you are after of course! You can go high end and look at Paul Smith cufflinks or go for cheap ones from Moss Bros but remember that you are selecting them because of your personal preference and due to your current collection of formalwear! You can get quite unique cufflinks with moving parts such as cufflinks in the shapes of watch motors which are quite fancy.

As time progresses, you will grow your formal collection (if required) therefore building up a collection of cufflinks and double cuffed shirts would be wise as well. Keeping the original boxes is wise however purchasing a cufflink box is also a wise move too. For me, gunmetal is a MUST in the collection.

Match your suit + shirt + tie + watch and finish the cufflinks.

Until next time.


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