Grooming: Back to basics

Beards, stubble or any facial hair on a guy’s face, love it or hate it, the marmite of the male race.

If you seen friends or male peers groom then it would consist of just a stick with replaceable blades on the edge which you would change every now often. We either start with that or the trust worth electric shaver. Simple.

It’s effective but quite boring in fact, where is the craftsmanship involved? This process is more of a chore like mowing the grass. Now I know some guys just do not care at all but come on be adventurous or experiment.

Today’s market is becoming saturated with a blast from the past when it comes to grooming such as the shaving brush, shaving bowl and classic style razors without the fancy marketing such as a ball movement between the handle and the head of the blades so it covers all edges.
Back to the 101 of shaving and it’s bloody good! My barber spends about 35-45 minutes on my hair and beard which consists of using a shavette to do lines throughout. Pretty impressed at first hence my reoccurrence however I could not keep paying nearly £20 a week, if only.

I came across one good company, casually browsing a gift store and I saw a shavette posing in the glass cabinet. Bought it nearly instantly and read more of what the company are about and it actually consisted of this non-celebrity nonsense! A good piece of kit for the average man without no over the top advertisement like the blades have been forged by hand from some guy who found the metal from a mystic place in the Himalayas. They also included a small pack of lover hearts in the box…win win situation.

First time using a shavette compares to travelling in unknown waters which is understandable when you have that power within your hands. Yet every use gets that bit of an edge when it comes to grooming which is sufficient enough until my expensive visit to the barber. Personally, I use an electronic shaver to keep all the hairs even followed by the shavette on the neck and on my face to shape up. Smaller independent companies are the ones which are definitely worth some time investing in and investigating more about what they are.

It seems that going back to traditional routes is something more common in today’s society which is even seen within the fashion industry.

Oh, and for the company:

Also be careful with blades, cuts do hurt!

Until next time.



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