Importance of your watch

First thing that comes into mind when you think of watches:

Necessary? Useless? Eye catching?

I’m a watch lover and have 10 to my name so far. Some people think that this is ridiculous & of course, a waste of money. You judge someone when you first meet them within the first 7 seconds (average) from their appearance. ‘Never judge a book by its cover’, wise words but we’re social creatures and it’s within our DNA to come up with a conclusive opinion within those few seconds.

So what’s my point? A watch can tell a lot about your character and a keen eye will pick up on those fine details.

You see someone wearing a Rolex, your first thoughts;
Big time? Successful? Hard working? Cocky? Determined?
Straight away a perceived image is imbedded in your head about that individual. Some people would not even notice that it is a Rolex but it will still catch their eye. First impressions are everything in today’s society.
A watch is your personality on your wrist, even the type & the brand in fact. You can go for watches from brands which main focus is on clothes or you can go for a brand which focuses on time pieces.
I currently have my Bulova watch on which is a combination of chainmail silver through, dark blue face and an orange second hand which smoothly glides though each of the seconds over the dark blue face of the watch in a navy 2 piece suit with a fainted pattern on the blazer & trousers. I’ll let you think of your own conclusions (be nice though!).

My point? Take your time selecting your next watch, even with your outfit! First impressions are important even if you are just walking down the street, in meetings or even if you are out on a social occasion. Remember that your watch is a glimpse of your personality, you chose it for a reason right?

Oh, and make sure you wear it on your left wrist!

Until next time.


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