You are in control: Make a plan

Self-Motivation, positive thinking, determination…you get the picture.

We all know someone who is highly motivated and always determined to succeed. How do they do it though?

Everyone has self doubt, it is only a natural occurrence however it is how you deal with that self doubt which is the game changer. One motto which stuck with me at a young age; ‘Work hard in silence and let success be your noise’.
My background; a small sleepy town in South West England which consists of the same routine and the same faces. Some people enjoy this lifestyle and I respect that but aren’t you curious to explore the big wide world and enjoy the finest things in life?
I’m a secret city boy at heart, the rush and non-stop commotion consumes my whole body in an state of excitement but how do you take control, destroy that self doubt and grab what you want?

The first step; make a plan! Simple yet effective. Picture where you want to be and aim for it! Some plans will take longer than others but working to a final end goal in where you want to be or want will aid you.

Plans will change through the process of time & life but having an overall end goal will help keep you focused. Remember that everything we do is for a purpose.
You will get knock backs and you are entitled to dwell on them for a brief period of time but moving forward and pushing will consist in positive results. Keeping your mind in the present will stop self doubt in your overall plan. You may not be where you want to be at this current moment however it’s a better position when you first started right?  A boxer does not enter the ring and goes ‘I’m going to win against my opponent in the 3rd round’, they will take every round as it comes and focus on that present moment in time with the overall goal to win still imprinted in their brain.

Stepping from part to part in the plan is the hardest transition, how do I make it to the next level?
Within the plan should be certain checklists to help aid you to get to the next step. Lets say you want to transition to a new career. Building a checklist in what is needed for that new career is highly advisable, especially in a competitive industry as today. Utilise every opportunity possible to present yourself as the ideal individual is something I have personally done at every job since 5 years ago.

See you next time.


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